Nowadays, roofing technology is rapidly advancing. Sheffield Metals is at the forefront of that innovation that transforms how we think when it comes to metal roofs and their environmentally friendly and stylistically unique applications to the future of roofing. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider having a Sheffield Metal Roof

Customizable and Colorful 

As we all know, metal roofing alone can realize an extremely unique appearance once installed in homes. However, Sheffield Metals can provide more advantages since it is highly customizable, which means that your house will really stand out among others basically in any color under the sun. Aside from that, Sheffield Metals provides an online visualizer tool to help you mix and match various styles and colors by utilizing your home’s photo. As soon as you have selected the ideal shade that you want, it is easy to install because it is a lightweight material. You can begin to enjoy your custom metal roof as soon as possible. 

Very durable 

If your metal roofing is made out of Sheffield Metals, it could possibly last from at least 40-70 years in comparison to the asphalt roof’s anticipated lifespan that will need to be replaced in approximately 12 up to 20 years. Moreover, metal roofs will need some repairs. If you have an asphalt roof, you might need to repair or replace loose shingles each time a strong wind blows. Metal roofs can endure up to inclement weather like hail and high winds. Even if you have a dented metal, its integrity won’t be compromised. This means that it will keep on protecting you and your family from the natural elements to come. 

Safe and protective 

Compared to other types of materials, metal is a lot safer since it inherently has wind-resistant properties. Since a Sheffield Metal can endure extreme weather, it will not develop holes or cracks even after it is fallen over by a tree. Moreover, the metal surface is non-combustible. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your roof catching fire. The roof won’t add stress to the structure of your home since it is lightweight despite its heavy defenses. 

Environmentally responsible 

Aside from the metal roof’s energy-saving qualities, Sheffield Metal roof is usually made out of recycled materials, hence, you will feel great about aiding to minimize asphalt waste in landfills as you obtain the perks of your eco-friendly option. Eventually, if your roof does require to be replaced, it could definitely be recycled at 100 percent. 

Energy efficient 

Using Sheffield metals can help you save from 10 up to 15% on your HVAC consumption. Asphalt is beneficial if you want to keep your home warm during the winter season. However, it won’t help in terms of cooling it down. Instead, it only absorbs heat from the sunlight, making it more expensive and challenging to maintain the coolness of your home. 

Install a Sheffield Metals Roof now with the help of the reliable roofing company near you. Contact us for more details.